Short Bio

The company develops around the consolidated collaboration of the two co-founders Carlo D’Alesio and Piero Santoro.

Born in 1982, they achieved a Bachelor Degree in “Industrial Design” and the Professional Master in “Lighting Design and Technologies” at Milan Politecnico in 2006.

They both came from the so-called “latest generation of lighting professionals”, raised together with the Solid State Lighting technological revolution.

Initially and for five years, Carlo D’Alesio was a Lighting Designer and Project Manager for Metis Lighting studio in Milan, while Piero Santoro covered the role of Italian Technical Administrator for lighting products for 3M Italy LMS (Lighting Management Solutions).

This background covering both the hi-end independent practice and the corporate mindset will become a one-of-a-kind value for the years to come as independent professionals.

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