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Yradia (installation)

During the Milan Design Week 2013, Design Group Italia, D’Alesio&Santoro and Huub Ubbens presented a lighting installation based on the most interesting technologies for the short term future: Laser and Remote Phosphors.

Four blue light rays draw an essential and ethereal architecture in a dark interior. Each ray expands into a wider beam which falls on a phosphor-coated plate. The blue beam’s specific wavelength excites the phosphors. The excited phosphors emit a beautiful white light which is reflected by the inner surface of the ring, turning the ring into a simulacrum of the sun.

What excites us about the remote phosphor technology is the idea of energy transfer through light. Normally this phenomenon is not obvious in current applications, where the transfer is hidden inside a mixing chamber. We want people to see it and think about it.

Laser rays visualize light as an energy flow that crosses the space. A blue immaterial wire, guided by means of mirrors and lenses. When it reaches the phosphor surface, the blue energy becomes white energy, which spreads in all directions, ready to take on other forms and colors as soon as it feeds life.


2013 / Milano, ITALY

Additional informations

Presented at Euroluce 2013.
Featured on Corriere Della Sera - Design Issue April 2013.

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