from Concept Ideation to On-Site Commitment

Tarquinia (VT) Train Station

Global Architectural Lighting Design of Tarquinia Train Station in Viterbo, Italy: Trackside Areas, Building Interiors, Facades, Exterior Lighting.

The challenge has been to find the right balance in between the aesthetical design intent and the compliance of UNI/EN and RFI codes and regulations.

Engineered and executed by FIDA.


2017 / Viterbo, ITALY


BOOK FOTOGRAFICO_2018-02-19_LONG_300 dpi-93
17-12-12 TARQUINIA Progetto Illuminotecnico-01
17-12-12 TARQUINIA Progetto Illuminotecnico-2-02
BOOK FOTOGRAFICO_2018-02-19_LONG_300 dpi-98-2-DOPPIA
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