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MEG Custom Phytotron

Boosting the industry’s R&D process

For Green Has Italia S.p.A. – a global excellence in Vegetable Nutrition R&D – we designed a full-size Phytotron, by scaling up our MEG technology assets.

Based on a drastic upgrading of an existing room, MEG technologies provided for more stable and quantifiable Photoperiods, while speeding up the testing iterations on new nutrition formulas.

Moreover, the introduction of MEG technology enabled the stackability of cultivation areas – and almost triplicating the usable cultivation footprint in the same volumetry.

A custom artificial vision system is constantly providing for plants canopies’ pictures, thus enabling a precise test analysis via the use of timelapse-videos. The whole installation is tunable and manageable from remote.


2015 / Asti, ITALY
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