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Harvest Twice


HARVEST TWICE – the Smart Greenhouse Frame, is a concept for a modular system which integrates the following critical factors: Energy Harvesting, Artificial Grow Lighting, Mechanical Structure.

A structural, aluminium-extruded anodized profile, holds two rows of Hanergy’s CIGS Flexible Modules – and their annexed wirings.

Last-generation, tunable-spectrum Solid State Lighting (PowerLEDs) provides extra artificial PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) lighting to extend cultivation photoperiods, expecially during darker moths of the year. This function regulates and maximizes the PAR hours during the year, compensating even darker days by the use of real-time active sensors.

Each linear meter of Harvest Twice profile has a paneled surface of 0.1 sqm, harvests 12 W, and adds only a 50% weight to existing structural profiles.

“Harvest Twice” comes as a system: both linear and curved profiles would be available, to enhance custom greenhouse dimensions.

The system embodies and represents the same core features of Hanergy’s CIGS Flexible Panels: it is lightweight, flexible and modular.

Using “Harvest Twice” turns in a benefit by avoiding other infrastructures dedicated to energy harvesting (wiring, paneling) and lighting (piping, wiring, lighting fixtures, lamps) – a concrete way to reduce installation and maintenance costs.


2015 / Beijing, CHINA



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Hanergy Thin-Film Solar Product Global Innovation Competition, Silver Prize

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