from Concept Ideation to On-Site Commitment

3M Gulf Innovation Center

Our value in this project

We provided an Interactive Lighting Environment, co-designed with the Experience of the space. The Lighting Scenarios adapts itself following the visitors and the 3M products shown. The operation ranged from the initial vision and concept, to design, cost analysis and on-site implementation.

For 3M Corporate, and enhancing Design Group Italia’s vision, we curated the Architectural Lighting of many customer Innovation Centers – experiential B2B showrooms in which 3M customers may experience the cababilities of the vast 3M technologies portfolio.
The CICs we curated are on a global scale, ranging from Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey and Poland to the US, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.

The dynamic Lighting Design scenarios served both to communicate the global consistency 3M’s brand identity, and also for better understanding the customer journey and as an activator of attention during the hours-long visits.


2013 / Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
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